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Welcome to the homepage of the project "Retail Sector Competencies for all Teachers" (ReCall).


The project with a period of 24 months ended successfully on 31 st October 2017.

In the course of the project ‘ReCall’ a digital information and training tool for teachers at vocational schools in the retail sector was developed.

The Teacher-Training-Tool (TTT) trains teachers in the use of teacher-training arrangements in personal and social competencies.

The TTT and the integrated teaching-learning materials promoting self and social competencies are available as "Open Educational Resource" (OER) on the internet. The OER ensures the sustainable use and dissemination of the training and the connected educational materials in the Europe-wide teacher training.


Publications in the context of ReCall:

The project also provided insights into the attitudes and perceptions of Polish, Italian and German teachers who have used the TTT for individual training in the field of e-learning. The resulting publication "Using E-Learning to Deliver In-Service Teacher Training in the Vocational Education Sector in Poland, Italy and Germany" by Christian Hofmeister and Prof. Dr. Matthias Pilz is available at this link (Open Access).

In connection with the results of ReCall and against the background of the TTT, a further study was undertaken specifically for the German context in order to collect further data on the perception and attitude of teachers working in Germany towards online-based further education - the article "Lehrerbildung durch E-Learning: Eine Untersuchung zur Wahrnehmung durch Lehrkräfte", also written by Christian Hofmeister and Prof. Dr. Matthias Pilz, can be found here.




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